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Pyrite Obelisk

Pyrite Obelisk

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Pyrite enhances will power. It aids in integrating high frequency energy into the physical body. It allows one to connect to the Earth, increasing stamina and enhancing physical performance. It is an excellent stone for manifestation, as it helps one take action on one's ideas or concepts. Pyrite encourages one to be more dynamic and confident.
Simmons/Ahsian - "The Book of Stones"

Points may be short but thick, or tall but thin, etc..

WEIGHTS: 100-200g

The pyrite is excellent quality from Peru, it may have clusters.  The cluster may be at the tip, bottom, side, or not so visible. It it appears at the tip your piece will not have a perfect point.  If it appears at the bottom your piece will stand but not have a perfect flat bottom.  It is the nature of the stone and make these so unique.

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