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6" Rose Quartz Lamp

6" Rose Quartz Lamp

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6" Genuine Rough Rose Quartz Crystal Lamp

This piece provides a lovely, warm pink glow when lit. Rose quartz will illuminate the heart with self-love and compassion.

Includes: 1 raw crystal, with silicone feet, 1 light bulb

Rose Quartz is the quintessential stone of love for oneself, others and the Divine. It stimulates and opens the heart chakra, clears the emotional body and assists in the resolution of old emotional programs. It opens one to receiving and sharing love, compassion and kindness. Its soothing vibrations calm and cleanse the auric field, help release stress and anger, and engenders the rebirth of hope and faith. It links one's personal heart to the heart of the Earth and the Universe. Simmons/Ahsian - "The Book of Stone"

Planets: Venus

Zodiacs: Taurus, Libra, Scorpio

Elements: Water

Mohs Hardness: 7


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