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Unconditional Love™ Essence 30ml

Unconditional Love™ Essence 30ml

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The Unconditional Love™ Essence is a powerful vibrational preparation that has been formulated to strengthen the open your mind, balance your cosmic heart chakra. Help recover from heartache. Remove unhealthy energetic cords. 

This beautiful pink essence is useful to release feelings of aggression and anger. Allowing this higher vibrational essence to support one’s being through the Universal and Unconditional Love energy helps one to connect to their self-identity. Loving and nurturing oneself is a key factor to harmonious relationships with others.

These high powered Spiritual Sprays are made with holy water, essential oils, alchemy flower essences and vibrational frequencies programmed using crystals, sound, color, planets, sacred geometry and other energies found in nature.

The concept behind these high powered Spiritual Sprays are to remind the body's energy field of it's original "color" blueprint. Restoring balance to imbalances, in turn our body, mind & spirit can return to a harmonic state. 

Made in Canada

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